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Arwin began his career in insurance as a broker. He provided quotes and advised clients on the best coverage for their needs, but sales weren’t his passion. Instead of collecting money, he wanted to play a role in giving it out, so he transitioned to a more rewarding position in claims adjusting.


Happy with this decision but also looking for a different challenge, Arwin joined DSB Claims in June 2017. He wants policyholders to know that he’s there to help them, and that he understands claims are often filed during difficult times. Over the years, he’s learned it’s impossible to know exactly what a person is going through, so one shouldn’t be quick to jump to conclusions. Instead, he strives to listen and help to the best of his ability.



The personal side

Arwin has a husky named Pepperoni. As his choice of name suggests, he is a foodie, with a fondness for pizza.

Arwin Te

Branch Manager Markham

Executive Adjuster

Arwin Te is an Executive Adjuster and the Branch Manager of DSB’s Markham office. His main responsibilities include contacting clients, adjusting claims and arranging for estimates.


Key strengths & specialties

People who know Arwin are likely to describe him as a friendly and hardworking team player. He enjoys working with people, but more than that, he enjoys helping them. He loves seeing the look of relief on a client’s face when a claim is resolved.  His claims specialties are:


  • Commercial
  • Liability
  • Home
  • Auto


Fun facts

Claims Adjusting Specialty:

Commercial, liabilities, home and auto


Claim to Fame:

Balancing life with twin teenage daughters


Defining Career Traits:

Being a hard worker


Most Surprising Claim Experience:

It involved a disagreeable collection and some questionable housekeeping practices


Favorite Canadian Destination:

The Rockies


Unexpected Hobby:

Spending time outdoors


How to Contact Arwin:

Phone: 647-545-4225

Email: arwin.te@dsbclaims.com






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