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Cathie studied management at Sheridan College. Dedicated to learning everything she needs to better serve her clients, she has continued her education by taking Chartered Insurance Professional (CIP) and I-CAR courses. She has also taken courses on medical rehabilitation and customer service, and she has attended numerous insurance-related seminars. A combination of education and 25 years of hands-on insurance industry experience make her an expert.


Cathie has always enjoyed working with people. When dealing with clients, she believes in the importance of empathy and clear communication. “This is a tricky industry. A lot of people are overwhelmed by it,” she says, stating how crucial it is for clients to have someone who can explain every aspect of their claim. Every day, she strives to make complicated issues clear and anxious clients happy


The personal side

Born in Montreal, Cathie moved to Ontario as a child. When she’s not working, she enjoys riding her Harley and spending time in the great outdoors.


Cathie Darling

Claims Specialist

Broker Accounts

With 25 years of experience in the insurance industry, Cathie Darling understands the adjusting process well. She combines professionalism, organizational skills and empathy to deliver top-tier customer service her clients can rely on.

Key strengths & specialties

As a Claims Specialist at DSB Claims, Cathie is involved in many aspects of claims, and provides claims advocacy on behalf of our broker accounts.


Cathie enjoys problem solving, a crucial part of the claims process. When presented with a problem, she won’t quit until she finds a resolution.


People who work with Cathie will note that she is meticulous and organized. With her, every aspect of a claim is documented, and every call is answered or quickly returned. The attention to detail ensures that clients can count on thorough, accurate claims management delivered with quality customer service.


Communication is of the upmost importance. Cathie values honesty, and she is never too busy to listen to her clients when they need her. When dealing with her, you always know exactly what to expect: reliable professionalism, genuine empathy, and clear resolutions.




Fun facts

Claims Adjusting Specialty:

Auto claims of all shapes and sizes


Claim to Fame:

Worked as control adjuster for large corporate commercial auto fleets


Defining Career Traits:

Professional, organizational skills and empathy


Most Surprising Claim Experience:

She was working on a claim that raised red flags indicating it could be a staged accident. She called the RCMP and was advised the driver had been charged with fraud in relation to the claim, which turned out to be connected to a ring involving lawyers and physiotherapists and with ties to the Russian mafia.  Thanks to Cathie’s keen eye for detail and consistent follow-up with the RCMP, the claim was denied due to its fraudulent nature.


Favorite Canadian Destination:

The Rocky Mountains


Unexpected Hobby:

Riding a Harley


How to Contact Cathie:

Phone: 647-970-4903

Email:  cathie.darling@dsbclaims.com





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