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Lori studied business at Sheridan College. Early on, she took a clerical position in a filing room and worked her way up from there. Now she has more than 10 years of customer service experience, including eight years working with claims.


She took the Claims Support Specialist position at DSB Claims both because it was a perfect match for her skillset and because she appreciated the firm’s open and welcoming atmosphere. A very social person, she has always enjoyed working with people and doing what she can to make their day better.



The personal side

Lori is married and lives in Brampton. Family is very important to her. When she is not working, she is kept busy taking care of her six-year-old son.


Lori Malus

Claims Support Specialist

Lori Malus believes in the importance of putting herself in other people’s shoes. When policyholders are dealing with claims, she understands what they’re going through, and she’s there to help.


As a Claims Support Specialist, Lori Malus performs various duties, including opening new claims, reporting new claims to insurers and brokers, following up with insurers and examiners and handling accounts receivable. Whatever the task at hand, she endeavors to accomplish it with extraordinary customer service.



Key strengths & specialties

Years of experience have taught Lori how to deal with policyholders to assure them that their claims will be handled with empathy and commitment. It’s not an empty promise, either. When catastrophe strikes, she’s ready to do whatever it takes to help clients. During the ice storm that struck Toronto in 2013, for example, she worked almost round the clock to handle the inundation of claims. For her, being able to help others is the most rewarding part of her work.


A bit of a perfectionist, Lori is highly organized and dedicated to seeing her tasks through to completion. She’s an excellent communicator and a strong problem solver. She has a knack for seeing the bright side of everything, and clients can count on her friendliness and professionalism.


Fun facts

Claims Adjusting Specialty:

Dealing with a difficult situation and turning it into a positive experience


Claim to Fame:

Always see the silver lining


Defining Career Traits:

Motivated and organized


Most Surprising Claim Experience:

The many claims stemming from the 2013 ice storm


Favorite Canadian Destination:

Niagara Falls


Unexpected Hobby:

Bike riding


How to Contact Lori:

Phone: 905-915-4683 ext. 1005

Email:  lori.malus@dsbclaims.com

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